Yoga Wall Equipment & Hardware

Wall Plates

The wall plate is the foundation of our patented yoga wall™ system. It is a spring loaded socket that receives the ball of the other components. The plates are superbly crafted to mount flush into a 3/4" sheet of veneer plywood. The more plates you put into your wall, the more places you have to put wall belts or wall bar the greater varity of yoga postures you can do. The Installation Router Template is required to install the wall plates.

1+ = $24.95 each
18+ = $23.45 each
50+ = $20.95 each
100+ = $19.45 each


 Wall Belts

We have two typs of wall belts. One is made of brown cotton-covered nylon webbing. The other colors are made of nylon webbing. All wall belts are made with a brass ball and our own custom stainless steel hook and buckle. The belts have a tested breaking strength of 1500 lbs. They are 1 1/2 " wide and 11' long. Our patent-pending quick adjust / release buckle gives you a greater varity of postures and adjustments to choose from.Two belts are needed for each person.

Purple Nylon
1+ = $49.50 each
6+ = $45.95 each
12+ = $42.95 each
24+ = $40.95 each



Wall Bar

The Wall Bar is used like a ballet bar and has some applications of a yoga horse. The bar is helpful in doing standing poses, twists, spinal traction, and various shoulder openings. The Wall Bar comes in two lengths: 26" for a single station and 46" for multiple stations.

26" Wall Bar

46" Wall Bar

Yoga Wall Pelvic Swing
Attaches to 2 Wall Belts

The Yoga Wall™ pelvic swing attaches directly to your Yoga Wall™ Belts in just seconds with our innovative hook. Save money by using your existing hardware. The Pelvic Swing is adjustable so you can do large variety of yoga postures. Easy to store.
Color - Forest Green

1+ = $69.95
6+ = $65.95
10+ = 59.95
20+ = 55.95


Lumbar Traction Belt

The Lumbar Traction Belt is placed around the pelvis and attached to a Wall Belt. The student presses their feet into the wall to create traction & relief in the lower back area.
More Information Here


Pelvic Swing Holder

.Double Hook
Wall Belt

This Wall Belt allows you to tighten both sides of the belt at the same time or individually. This belt is used when a wider belt is necessary and for securing someone to the wall. Used in therapeutic applications and with a partner.


Pelvic Swing Holder
Double Buckle
Wall Belt

This Wall Belt allows you to tighten both sides of the belt at the same time. This enables tightening of the belt under a load without twisting because of one side becoming shorter than the other. Used in therapeutic applications and with a partner.


Wall Rope Hook

Expand the use of your Yoga Wall™ with this hook. You can hang
traditional wall ropes, exercise bands and other items to your wall.
Made of stainless steel and brass.


Stretch Band Hook

This hook is made is made to use with the stretch bands. It is much smaller than the Wall Rope Hook and therefor not as versatile.


Keeper Strap

The Keeper Strap is used around the Wall Belt or Pelvic Swing to tighten it around your waist or pelvis. It is mainly used in inversions and back bends.

$10.95 each
$9.95 10 +


Wall Belt Handles

The handles attach quickly and easily to the Wall Belts without having to undo the belts. They are made of stainless steel with a foam grip. They make holding onto the belts much more comfortable.

$24.95 a pair
4+ pairs = $19.95


Over the Door Hanger
Used to hang the Regular Wall Pelvic Swing from the top of a door. They are also used to attach the Stretch Bands to the top or side of a door.

$12.95 per set


The belt-holders provide a convenient way to safely store your Wall Belts away from the Yoga Wall™. This allows you to keep your yoga area organized and control the use of your Yoga Wall™. The holders come in an assortment of sizes.

Wall Belt-Holders
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Pelvic Swing Holder
Pelvic Swing Holders

The pelvic swing holder is a fast and easy way to store your Yoga Wall™ Pelvic Swings. They come in 4 sizes.

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Wall Bar Holder Holder
Wall Bar Holders

The Wall Bar holder is a fast and easy way to store your Wall Bars. We make the holders in four sizes.

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Installation Router Template

The template is used to exactly cut out the holes into 3/4" plywood for the Wall Plates. The template spaces the Wall Plates exactly 16" apart across the plywood. This exact spacing is nessary for use of the Wall Bar. There is a $100.00 refundable deposit to use the template free for 3 weeks. Thereafter $10.00 per week is charged until the template is returned.

$100.00 Refundable Deposit

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