Pilates Band Set


  • 4 Stretch Bands ( Light, Medium, Heavy & Extra Heavy)
  • 1 Handle
  • 1 Foot Strap
  • 1 Wall Rope Hook


Our stretch bands are 30″ long, have a cloth sleeve around the band for safety and have a carabiner hook on each end. On one end of the band we can attach our Band Handle or Foot Strap. On the other end we can attach either a Band Hook or a Wall Rope Hook so we can attach the band to the YOGA WALL®. We have four levels of resistance. The Stretch Band Hook can hold up to two bands. The Wall Rope Hook can hold up to five bands and is used for our Pilates setup. When you have all four levels of bands attached to the Wall Rope Hook you can quickly change your resistance level or type exercises.